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  • Oil Field Hydraulic Cylinders-Telescopic and Piston Rod Cylinders

    Oil-Field Hydraulic Cylinders

    Only “Xtreme Cylinders” for The Most Extreme Applications! Oil Rigs both off-shore and on-shore encounter some of the most demanding conditions in the world. Read more

  • Replacement Dump Hydraulic Cylinders 

    Replacement Dump Cylinders: Dump Truck Hydraulic Cylinders are subject to all kinds of contamination and varying conditions that destroy poorly designed hydraulic cylinders. Read more

  • Grapple Hydraulic Cylinders

    Replacement Young Corp. Grapple Cylinders

    By no means are Hydraulic Grapple Cylinders standard. From the logging fields to scrap yards, Grapple cylinders are exposed to damaging contamination and physical battering from the abrasive... Read more

  • Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinders

    Replacement Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinders: Xtreme Cylinders is pleased to announce a new source of availability for Replacement Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinders and Cylinder components. Read more


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